• Mobile Phone App
  • Cell Phone Twinning
  • Electronic Attendant
  • Multiple Voicemail Boxes
  • E911 Calling
  • Keep your Telephone Number
  • Call Block (get rid of the pesky telemarketers)

​​​613 Plan

The lowest priced Home Phone line with unlimited calling in the 613 area code plus all *Features


Canada / USA Plan

Unlimited Calling Throughout Canada and the USA plus all *Features


Switching to Voice over IP services with Voice2Net could not be easier.  You prepay your first month telephone service, We port your number to our network, in five (5) days (approximately) your voice over IP service is live on our network or you can select a new number if you are tired of the pesky Call Centers and we will ensure it remains private.  With Voice2net, VoIP is easy.

Welcome to   Voice2Net 

Canada Plan

Unlimited Calling Throughout Canada and The Territories plus all *Features.  


1-877-454-0761           info@voice2net.ca

Eastern Ontario's Voice over IP (VoIP) Home Phone Service Company since 2002.

All our plans are unlimited.

           VoIP Service for your Home
           (Designed for the Home that demands more)


  • Calling Number Display

  • Calling Name Display

  • Call Waiting

  • Voice mail

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Call Forwarding

  •  Three Way Calling
  • Call Return (*69 or from Voicemail)