VoIP Service for your Home
           (Designed for the Home that demands more)

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Eastern Ontario's Voice over IP (VoIP) Home Phone Service Company since 2002.

Following is a list of our features and a brief desciption

  • Calling Number Display:   Displays your Calling Party's phone number
  • Calling Name Display:  Display your Calling Party's name.
  • Call Waiting:  While you are speaking with another party, you will hear a beep in your ear to alert you of a new incoming call.  If your phone is so equipped, you will be able to identify them with call display.
  • Voice Mail:  The voice mail system is very similar to the Telephone company's voice mail.
  • Voice Mail to Email:  All voice mails you receive may be forwarded to 1 or 2 emails as a wave file, you may also opt to save them on your telephone line or just email them.
  • Call Forwarding:  The will re direct all incoming calls to your phone number to another number, you may administer this using your touch pad or the user portal.
  • Call Return:  This allows you to quickly call the last party that called you by lifting the handset and dialing *69.  While listening to a voice mail you may also press a digit as directed to immediately return a call the the caller that left the message.
  • Mobile Phone App  Today it is very popular to have a voice over IP app on your phone that mimics your home phone.  That way when you are travelling you may call using the app, accept calls or easily check your voice mail.  This app is purchased thru your Iphone, Android or Blackberry stores.
  • Cell Phone Twinning:  Using the customer portal you can set the service to automatically call your cell phone when someone calls your line, either immediately or after a fixed delay.
  • Time of Day Schedule for Inbound Calls:  Using the customer portal you can schedule the time of day incoming calls will ring your telephone.  After hours you can force the calls to voice mail, another phone number or an electronic attendant.
  • Electronic Attendant:  Using the time of day schedule you can direct calls the this service.  You then ten (10) options for the customer, leave a voice mail in one of the mailboxes, call a cell phone or listen to a message.
  • Multiple Mail Boxes:  Using the electronic attendant, you can offer callers the option of selecting which family member they would like to leave a voice mail for, it is then emailed to the person.
  • E911 Calling:  FreeVoice fully supports E911 calling.
  • Keep your telephone number:  When you join FreeVoice you may keep your existing telephone number or choose a new number.
  • Call Block:  Gives you the opportunity to block unwanted callers. 
  • Reverse Call: This feature allows calls from the public telephone network to dial a local access number, then dial a FreeVoice number.  These numbers are available accross Canada.