Our VoIP Analog Adapters will work with most phones on the market today including Wireless handsets.  You cannot plug a digital phone into these adapters`

If you have an alarm or fax machine at home, please ensure you let us know so we can configure the devices to interoperate with your equipment.

The easiest way to switch to VoIP, just plug the base into your router,  distribute the handsets around your home, wait a few minutes and start making calls.  No special tools, no wires to run, 100% plug and play.

Voice2Net's RCA wireless VoIP phones for the busy home.  Choose between 1 and 6 handsets to meet your needs.

Each handset acts as its own phone, no need to wait for the line to come free, call when you want to, make 2 active calls at once. Waiting for an important call, idle phones will ring even when another phone is on a call.

Both products are fully compliant with the Canadian Telephone network providing features such as Calling Name and Number display, E911 access, Call Forward, Cell Phone Twinning, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling and of course you can either keep your current number or Voice2Net will provide you with a new number from out large selection of available numbers.

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           VoIP Service for your Home
           (Designed for the Home that demands more)

User our one (1) or two {2} port analog VoIP adapters to connect your existing phones to Voice2Net's VoIP network.

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